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Posts published in “RV Meteor”

Daily greetings from … the lab

by Michelle Albinus, Claudia Thölen and Jochen Wollschläger

7:05 a.m. My first walk takes me not directly to breakfast (and to the loudly calling coffee), but to the universal lab - my cave, my playground. In the center is a large, square wooden table with laptops and protocols spread out on it. Along the walls are lab tables that house all of our equipment. During the course of the sampling station three of them will reveal to me what particles are in the water by absorbing light.

Laboratory, RV Meteor Research Cruise M179

Daily greetings from … the deck

by Claudia Thölen, Jochen Wollschläger and Michelle Albinus

Every day the ship stops for two stations where we can lower our instruments into the water and take samples or measurements. In the morning after breakfast, I usually go back on deck every day to see if I can help Kai and Neeske with the CTD and the water sampler. CTD means Conductivity, Temperature & Depth.

Secchi Disk Measurements - FS Meteor Research Cruise M179
Water sampling - CTD - RV Meteor Research cruise M179

RV Meteor and (never) back again

by Jochen Wollschläger, Claudia Thölen and Michelle Albinus

Arrival on the Meteor on 21.12.2021, geo-lab, main deck. After the greeting, we are told that our cabins are distributed on the different decks. They hand me my key. Cabin 736. My non-existent sense of direction sounds an alarm - how am I ever supposed to find my way around here? I move toward the door that leads from the geo-lab to the interior of the ship and open it. "Red deck," I hear behind me. I step into the hallway in front of me and a grin creeps onto my face. All the doors and wall elements on this level are painted a rich red. Maybe I would find my way around here faster than I thought.

RV Meteor M179 - Patagonia

Santa Claus found us in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

by Jochen Wollschläger, Claudia Thölen and Michelle Albinus

On 21.12.2021 we (Jochen Wollschläger, Claudia Thölen and Michelle Albinus) boarded the FS Meteor in Las Palmas. Initially, three weeks of transit from Gran Canaria to Punta Arenas, Chile await us. At the moment we are only a total of six scientists from Turkey, Spain and Germany.

FS Meteor - Las Palmas - M179