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End of the Pacific radio-silence

Futuna klein

I want to give blog visitors an explanation for the long pause between the last blog entries. We are going through such a remote region of the Pacific that we only have limited (and sporadic) internet connectivity.

Since we left Auckland Harbor, we are not traveling along the typical Pacific shipping routes. We have yet to see a single other ship, in fact.

Three days ago we could see in the distance the profile of the island of Futuna, but since then we only see ocean water, sky, and the horizon in between. Anyone who has a globe or an atlas can look and find where we are

now: 4 S and 178 W. In this region, where seldom anyone is found, the coverage from data-transmission satellites is naturally also very sparse.

We have found a solution, however, thanks to our colleagues from the press office at the University of Oldenburg, so that we can keep sending reports to the blog from on board the ship. Thank you very much, Per Ruppel and Volker Sandmann!