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Ending on a high note

by R. Supka – 12. 5. 2022

Today, an exciting time for us comes to an end. After another stormy night we arrived in Nouméa early in the morning and are now back in the calm harbor. On the previous day, we summarised what we achieved on the trip. After 279 meters of cores, 2300 liters of water samples and 43188 km² of mapped seafloor we are very satisfied with the outcome of this cruise. Working together was exciting and also a lot of fun for all of us!

Group Photo – SO290 (CC BY 4.0)

This is of course partly due to the great cruise management under Katharina Pahnke and Frank Lamy. Also a big thank you to the captain Oliver Meyer and the whole crew of the FS Sonne, who made so much possible for us. Whether it be on deck, on the bridge, in secret in the engine room or in the kitchen. It is clear to everyone that we have to thank them for the smooth operations!

After hours of packing and cleaning, we are heading home tomorrow, ending the cruise on a high note. Therefore, we are even more looking forward to meeting soon to share the results of the research trip!

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